New Oversized Colossus.

July 16th, 2011

Here’s a slightly oversized version of my Colossus in solid bronze. The regular version is already a handful (~60-65g), but this one ups the ante a bit. I had to pay very close attention to where the balance point ended up in order to make the weight comfortable. Once that was done, it became remarkably pleasant to write with. It takes quite a bit of labour to make one of these, but I think the results are pretty nice. The nib is a smooth firm fine with a slightly wet flow. A beautiful writer.

Barrel Material: machined bronze
Nib: Sheaffer Lifetime
Mechanism: Button filler

Length Capped: 5.18″
Length Uncapped: 4.99″
Barrel Diameter: 0.48″
Weight: 80.7g

Price: $500 + Shipping

A Custom ordered Small Nox

July 12th, 2011

I just recently got an interesting custom order from a member of the FPN board to do a Small Nox with a Sheaffer Triumph nib.  These are wonderful old nibs with a really unique look to them and are well suited to those people who still have to write on carbon copy pads.