Something New…

December 1st, 2010

Here’s a prototype eyedropper filling pen which, for the moment at least, remains un-named.

I’ve been trying to produce the simplest possible pen for a long time and this is absolutely as simple as it gets.  The barrel is machined from ebonite with bronze fittings for the threaded joints and a hand sculpted bronze gripping section.  On this pen the nib is a beautiful and smooth writing pre-WW2 era Sheaffer Triumph.

For those unfamiliar with eyedropper pens, the pen is filled by unscrewing the gripping section and filling the inside of the barrel with ink using an eyedropper.  The genius of the mechanism is that there is no mechanism.  Nothing can break or wear out.  When you add that to the enormous ink capacity of 5ml (1/10 of a standard ink bottle) you have a deadly serious writing tool.

This pen is already sold, but the price in the future will be $450.

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