Just something interesting.

October 31st, 2011

I’ve added yet another step to the production of the Colossus.  After polishing the pen I apply a quick layer of patina to the bronze and then, using a very fine polishing compound, hand rub the patina almost entirely off.  This leaves the bronze a slightly darker colour.  I do this so that as the patina of handling builds on the pen, the contrast isn’t as great, which makes the pen look better during the first stages of patina formation.

What I find interesting is how the pen looks after the patina application.  Since I’m polishing it back to an even appearance, I don’t have to make the patina flat and smooth, so it ends up having a very rustic look.  It reminds me a bit of the patterns produced on Japanese Bizen pottery.  It’s dappled in a range of colours from gunmetal grey to a deep copper colour.  I think I’ll make one to keep in this finish once I get through my waiting list.

And then fully polished

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