How I Make Pens

October 7th, 2009

All of my pens start out as solid rod stock, whether it’s aluminum, brass, bronze, or hard rubber.  Turning those bars into pens requires taking them through over eighty operations.  Throughout the process the only tools used are a manually operated lathe, a hacksaw, files, and sandpaper.  Nothing is automated.  Every pen is made one at a time.  All of them cut, shaped, and trimmed in slightly different ways that make every pen unique.

After all the parts are complete, the joints are lapped together, the nib and section are assembled, and the filling system is installed.  The last step of the process is a two week period during which I fill and test the pen to ensure proper ink flow and easy starting.   It’s a long and labour intensive process but it’s the only way I know to make a pen that satisfies me.

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