October 7th, 2009


Unscrew the blind cap from the end of the pen and gently press down on the button until it doesn’t move any farther with light pressure.

If there is still ink in the pen it will come out.

Dip the nib in the ink until the entire nib is submerged and release the button.

Keep the nib under the ink for 10 seconds.

Remove the pen from the ink and wipe the nib and section clean.

You are now ready to write.

One press of the button is all it takes to fill.  Pressing more than once can cause higher pressure on the join between the sac and the section.  When flushing the pen to clean it, it’s best to fill with water, remove the tip from the ink and flush it into another container or down the drain.  This way you keep the pressure on the mechanism low and the clean(er) water is much more effective at removing ink.

If you leave the pen for a long period of time without writing, or leave it uncapped, the ink in the pen will dry.  If there is still liquid ink in the sac you can simply unscrew the blind cap and press down on the button very gently until the nib is wet again.  If the ink is entirely dry, just fill the pen with water as you would with ink and leave it capped for a day.  The dried ink will rehydrate and be ready to use.

Flying with Pens.

If you are taking your pen on a flight, be sure to empty it of ink first.  The changes in pressure on a plane can cause the ink to leak.

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