November 20th, 2009

Hi Cameron,

The pen arrived yesterday. I inked it and tried it out. I’m really impressed!

I really like the weight – it’s perfect. I also like the way you finished the pen so the parting seams for the caps are almost invisible. Unless you know what to look for, the caps fit so well you can’t tell they’re removable. The precision of the caps’ thread fit was another pleasant surprise.

Using this pen is really a satisfying experience. There’s nothing else I can think of that is practical for everyday use and where one can experience this level of quality and precision. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into making the bronze section and the clever work to keep the weight up.

Thanks so much for your willingness to take on this custom job and for your suggestions that turned this concept into such a beautifully finished pen!

G.F. , Long Beach CA

Dear Cameron,

Well, here is my first attempt at using your elegant pen. My penmanship lacks the finesse of earlier users, I’m sure, but perhaps the “weight” of history shall influence me.

I have yet to find the right ink but I was in haste to get started so I bought the first available bottle. All this to say “THANK YOU” – your craftsmanship is superb!

J. B. , Abbotsford BC

The feel of my C.E.Levi pen is exquisite, and combined with a wonderful vintage

nib, it is truly a joy to use. Ink flows beautifully and consistently. Quite

simply, this pen has character! It is now my preferred instrument for creative

writing. I’m not aware of any equivalent hand-crafted fountain pen with this

attention to detail and style. It was a pleasure purchasing this piece from

Cameron. He answered all my questions about his processes and I’m very pleased

with the result. Highly recommended!

K.F., Toronto

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