The Colossus

June 19th, 2011

The Colossus is like a good Scotch.  It’s strong, smooth, well balanced, and it’ll only get better with age.

When you pick up a Colossus, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight.  The standard size runs over 60 grams, and the larger ones can be over 80.  They’re massive.  The wonder of the Colossus is that as soon as you begin to write with it, the sensation of weight disappears.  The weight of the metal sucks the pen down into the web of your hand, where it rides solidly and comfortably.  This lets you relax your hand and lets your fingers gently guide the pen instead of having to grip it.

When I was designing the Colossus, I knew that I wanted to make a pen that would “mature” instead of just “age”.  Most of the products of today’s material culture only change negatively over time.  The world of fountain pens has a peculiar preoccupation with “virginal” pens.  A pen that has been inked, but otherwise in perfect functional and cosmetic condition, is worth considerably less than one that hasn’t.  Pens made of brass or bronze acquire a patina that adds depth and character to the body instead of just getting old and dull.  The beauty of a polished surface is exceedingly fragile.  The first fingerprint or scratch flaws it.  The beauty of a natural patina is robust, because it isn’t based in perfection, but is rather an aggregate of small flaws that combine to be beautiful.

$500 + Shipping

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